Treat Cheats.

Branding and packaging design.

Healthy ‘treats’ may be good for you, but they rarely provide that satisfying sweetness when you need it most. Enter Treat Cheats. A tasty, chocolate & nougat bar with less calories and sugar than every full size chocolate bar around.

So, how do you brand a healthy chocolate bar? Ensuring you get across all the essential information while avoiding the trap of the over-serious post-workout market and staying fun in the process?

The brand identity.

A bright and bold logo with a big personality. A cheeky stylised ‘C’ marque who knows the secret of a healthy treat – wink, wink. Our marque is our brand spokesman talking directly to the customer throughout our marketing and packaging while communicating our unique selling points.

Letting the brand speak.

Treat Cheat’s range of products has a lot to offer, but this creates lots of competing messages. Sevenfive broke down key USPs and represented them within the visual language to simplify this.

Fun speech balloons and thought bubbles bring friendliness to the brand language.

Range development.

The product range includes three flavours – Double Chocolate, Raspberry Chocolate and Caramel Nougat. Each with its own unique colourway and flavour icon.