Treat Cheats.

Branding and packaging design.

Healthy ‘treats’ may be good for you, but they don’t give you that hit of naughty sugary sweetness you sometimes crave. Until now. Treat Cheats is a range of tasty, chocolate & nougat bars with all the taste, but a lot less calories.

Our thinking? Healthy doesn’t have to equal boring. If we wanted to create standout in a crowded market, we were going to have to go beyond the bog-standard, oh-so-worthy post-workout norm.

The brief.

Treat cheats is a tricky proposition. It really is lots healthier than anything on the sweet shelf, but at the same time, it’s just as healthy as most things on the healthy snacks shelf. We wanted to get all the essential information across, without falling into the trap of looking and sounding like everything else out there.

• Brand identity
• Packaging design
• Packshots and product renders
• Brand colour palette

Getting started.

Treat cheats run rings round all their competitors. The trick was to make sure it didn’t all sound too good to be true. It needed to sound like it was having fun, not sound like it was preaching.

Each bar is only 99 calories, contains 80% less sugar and is high in fibre. They’re made with 100% sustainable cocoa, real Belgian chocolate and no palm oil. That would put a smile on anyone’s face – and that’s exactly where we started.

The brand identity.

Why shouldn’t healthy eating start with a cheeky smile and a wink? Just because everyone else was taking themselves seriously, didn’t mean we had to. In fact, we made it our point of difference.

Letting the brand speak for itself.

We created a stylised ‘C’ marque – a brand spokesperson who talks to the customer. It appears everywhere, throughout marketing and packaging, having its say through speech balloons and thought bubbles. Serious ideas and product benefits, delivered with fun language.

Range development.

There are three flavours – Double Chocolate, Raspberry Chocolate and Caramel Nougat. We’ve given each its own unique colourway and flavour icon. And each key health message is brought out with simple, punchy graphics.