Helping give Bounce Back a voice.

Case study: Bounce Back.

Bounce Back is designed to reduce the effects of alcohol on the body. It is not a hangover cure – or at least we can’t say that! So how do you give a voice to a product that can’t say everything it wants to?

For this project, we needed to create a character for Bounce Back that would allow the marketing to explain what the product does without explaining what the product does.

The brief.

Develop campaign creative, messaging, TOV and brand personality.

Bounce Back has a great offering. But marketing to date has contained unclear and inconsistent messaging that struggles to deliver the message. A new, consistent and coherent creative approach was required to help deliver the message effectively.

• Visual language development
• Messaging
• Campaign creation
• Campaign illustrations
• Packshots and product renders
• Stock image library
• Brand Bible
• Brand and design guidelines

Our Approach.

We needed to first build a personality for the brand. Allowing it to speak clearly but in a way that allowed some fun and a little bit of cheekiness. The product design was in place, everything else, however, was up for grabs.

Extensive research showed the main target market was being missed. So key messaging was created that spoke directly to the people most likely to purchase, and benefit from, Bounce Back.

A creative style was built around this messaging. Creating powerful statements and allowing for a bit of fun as well.


Health legislation puts a limit on what you can say or do when promoting a product linked to alcohol. With bespoke illustrations, we could push the boundaries of the guidelines, build character and have a bit of fun.

Brand bible and guidelines.

The Brand Bible and Guidelines go hand in hand. Covering all aspects of the brand, its ethos and how best to use the tools created for consistent and impactful marketing.