What we do.

If it needs bright ideas and razor-sharp design skills, we’re into it. But these are the three main areas we work in:

• Strategy & Marketing

• Brand Development

• Design & Content

How we do it.

At Sevenfive, we keep things simple. Minimum fuss. Zero waffle. We use a neat little framework that keeps everything on track – our 5 steps to success.

We’re creative, so we love a bit of ‘anything’s possible’. But we’re also strategic, so we need order. This ensures every decision is the right one.


Big ideas come easier with an open mind. That’s why we look at your business from every angle – yours, ours and the world you fit into. Getting a proper fix on where you are and where you need to go next.

• Research
• Stakeholder fact-finding
• Positioning


So, we’ve agreed where you need to go. Now we need to work out how to get you there. A proper, solid strategy to grow your brand out of. Direction, purpose, what you stand for, what makes your heart skip a beat…

• Brand Purpose & Vision
• Strategic Foundation
• Name development
• Communication Strategy


Here we go. This is where everything comes together and starts to take shape. This is where we play with ideas, colours, patterns, images, words, sounds… all the good stuff that’s going to make your brand your brand.

• Brand identity development
• Product & Service Tagline
• Brand Language
• Brand guidelines


You’ve now got a brand identity that ticks all the boxes. Next step, we create everything you need to get it out into the world. Online, offline, wherever you and your audiences hang out – you name it, we can build it.

• Packaging
• Print materials
• Brochure design
• Asset & Imagery Development
• Content
• Website & App design
• Art direction


Marketing strategy. Planning. Making sure everything we produce earns its keep. Testing, measuring, squeezing every drop of goodness out of your brand assets. Building on what we’ve already got and plotting the future.

• Marketing Strategy
• Marketing planning
• Copywriting
• Social content
• Campaign Development