Sustainable communications for sexual health service.

Case study: Sandyford.

Since its inception in 2000, Sandyford has delivered a fully integrated specialised sexual health service across the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde area.

Over the last two decades Sandyford has continued to provide support with a strong emphasis on delivering non-judgemental sexual, reproductive and emotional health services. The way we talk about sexual health, gender and identity has changed massively in this time and a new brand and communication approach was required to ensure a service relevant for 2022 and beyond.

The brief.

Full rebrand and creation of brand guidelines. Creation of inclusive imagery for campaigns and marketing.

Create a modern brand identity for the organisation supported by full brand guidelines, bespoke imagery and design templates.

• Brand re-development
• Full brand guidelines
• Bespoke illustrations & imagery
• Brand message and TOV
• Brochure, poster & leaflet templates
• Social media templates
• Event collateral
• Signage

Our Approach.

Sandyford, although well known, had never had an established or recognisable brand. The service had existed for years, and everyone knew what it offered the community. Although, when users were asked, many were unaware of the wide-ranging support, care and advice that Sandyford also provided.

With this in mind, we knew the identity had to appear modern and inviting while displaying authority and dependability.

Any rainbow or range of colours immediately applies a feeling of inclusivity. So a palette of colours was created that would allow the identity to remain unique while starting to build the brand style and visual language.

This approach created a strong yet flexible brand identity. It provided the foundation for a visual language and design approach that would be as easily recognisable as it was to use and recreate.

The brand identity.

A simple rebrand to better represent the nature and wide ranging services provided by the organisation. Inviting, inclusive and multi-faceted.

Inclusive illustrations.

Simple and on-brand, the imagery design followed a striped back approach supported by the new brand colour palette.

The Sandyford Visual Language.

The bright and inviting brand palette brings an approachability to Sandyford’s communications allowing bold messaging to sit side by side with imagery.

Full brand usage guidelines.

The guidelines were created to provide an easily accessible range of options to allow both marketing departments and service providers to create communications quickly and confidently. This ranged from brochure and leaflet templates to editable digital campaign and social media marketing examples.