Is your content just clutter?

It comes naturally to some people. Creating content. Blogs, LinkedIn, Instagram or anywhere else.

Personally, as a recovering creative, I overthink things to the Nth degree, and it takes me ages to get anything out there.

When it comes to my social media, I’m more likely to be looking through DIY reels than building a personal brand. And I’ll be honest: I begrudgingly admire those who can create posts at the drop of a hat.

But with the prolific posters, how much of it is actually effective? How much is just clutter?

Global PR agency Havas has released its annual ‘Meaningful Brands’ study. According to the results, 60% of brand content is ‘just clutter’, having little or no impact on business results or people’s lives.

What content works?
Content that educates, inspires and entertains. It can be light-hearted or serious, feel-good or industry-specific and technical. But if it enriches the target audience’s life, even for a short while, you’ve done the job.

How can you show the benefit your products have on the lives of your customers?

Nicorette shows videos of what can be achieved when you stop smoking, inspiring others. Waitrose has a live feed of cows grazing. There are many answers, but one truth: create what brings value to your potential customers.

When working with clients, we always consider developing themes that align with their brand strategies. If your content aligns with your goals, it will align with your customers’ needs and aspirations. And when you create content that provides a service AND promotes your product, surely that’s better than just posting for the sake of posting.

Where do you start?
Do you have a brand strategy, and have you identified your target audience?

After that, think about what you sell. Think about what this product or service does. Now, think about what benefit it brings to the end user. How does it enrich the lives of your customers? This is your starting point.

We’re not all selling cool products to the masses. Most of us are creating industry-specific offerings. But that intangible end benefit is out there.

And remember to have fun finding what makes your company unique. You can still upload pics of your new branded polo shirts if you want, but remember, this type of content isn’t going to have the kind of impact you’re looking for.

If your brand strategy includes creating value, that should be your focus. Create the value first, knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing, and then worry about selling.

The same Havas survey also mentions that British consumers would not care if 94% of brands disappeared altogether.

Think about that next time you post. Are you part of the 6%?

Are you creating value, or are you just adding to the clutter?

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