Koru Impact Solutions.

Branding, brand language & website design.

Fintech start up, Koru Impact Solutions is here to bring about a revolution in the future of investment.

As the environmental impact of everything from manufacturing to finance is being put under the spotlight, Koru saw an opportunity to make measuring this impact as easy and comparable as calculating financial performance.

Creative Approach.

The Koru brand must compete in the Fintech market with a nod to the environment and ‘big-picture’ thinking.

This led us to develop a brand identity inspired by simple binary code combined with the feeling of connecting the dots between investment and environment.

Brand Guidelines.

Simple, easy-to-access guidelines are essential for start-ups. With this in mind, Sevenfive created a suite of editable and interchangeable graphic panels. All using the ‘joining the dots’ narrative to provide easy design tools for websites, social posts and slide decks alike.

Bespoke icons were also created to help explain Koru’s key services and areas of research.