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Carron Bathrooms. Manufacturing Excellence.

With a history reaching back to the 1750's and the start of the industrial revolution, few companies can claim a sense of heritage like Carron Bathrooms.

Today, the company holds the enviable position of being Britain's premier bath manufacturer. Distributing their products throughout the UK and Europe, Carron Bathrooms continue to grow, invest and make their mark in the world of bath manufacturing.

To promote Carron, brochures need to be aspirational as well as informative, even for a B2B audience. Teaming product specifications with room set and concept photography ensure an informed and inspired distribution network.

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The Carron brand style is rolled out across trade print and POS materials. Even specification documents follow the same visual approach to ensure a coherent company message.

Up to date photography is key, with product and reportage images sharing the stage with lifestyle photoshoots. The easier it is for the end-user to image the product in place, the easier it is for the showrooms and distributors to sell Carron's products.

This strong imagery combines with custom search functions for Carron's website. This digital partner to Carron's B2B print materials acts as an industry resource and marketing tool. Products can be searched for and researched from both trade and consumer view points.

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