Islay Journey.

A blended malt whisky, Islay Journey was inspired by the trip from the Scottish mainland to the iconic Isle of Islay.

Whisky has been distilled on the island since the early 1300s and the region’s whiskies are characterised by unique peat and smoke aromas. Getting to Islay takes time, but like it’s whisky, is worth the effort.

The nautical history of the island and the traditional journey there by sea helped influence the design. A bespoke boat marque combined with bold typography hint at the heritage of the island and traditional hand-painted signwriting on the keel of the boats.

This strong maritime influence continues with the draftsman's traditional drawings of a vessel on the background of the labels and presentation tube.

Each bottle is finished with a blind emboss design on the cap. Then packaged in presentation tube finished with a gold metallic foil to add a touch of luxury to this small-batch, blended malt.

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