A brand case study.

We have loads of case studies and work examples that we could show you, but this one is a bit different. Rather than explaining what we did, we’ll try and explain why we did it.

It’s nice to just look at pretty pictures but here we’ll explain what each stage of the brand project involved and why the work was produced. Because if you are going to spend money on developing a brand, you want to make sure every penny is working as hard as it can.

Building a brand for a global leader.

Case study: Industrial Physics.

Industrial Physics has worked as test and inspection partner for manufacturers, laboratories, and production lines around the world, for almost 100 years.

Following a period of sustained growth and a number of acquisitions, they were about to be the biggest player in the world. Problem was, they didn’t have a unified, global brand approach across their marketing communications.

The brief.

Our job was to complete a full rebrand and design development across all design and marketing collateral.

With growth came new customers, marketplaces and staff. They needed something with impact that would deliver a consistent message. A range of flexible, internal and external marketing materials to tell the world who the new big name in town was.

Required items:
• Brand re-development
• Full brand book
• Creative usage guidelines
• Brand colour palette
• Image bank development
• Bespoke icons & illustrations
• Brand messaging and TOV
• Brochure design templates
• Technical manual design
• Event design
• Signage

Getting started.

Industrial Physics had a trademark-registered brand identity, so the creative approach needed to be more an evolution than a revolution.

The logo was tweaked and tightened up. But the client needed much more; a single voice to sing through all of their brand, design and marketing materials. A big brand, global feel that could stamp its authority on everything, wherever it appeared.

Brand identity evolution.

Design elements were tweaked to produce a crisp, updated brand mark. This also provided inspiration for the rest of the brand’s visual language.

Visual language.

Industrial Physics needed a strong visual hook that linked all of their communication materials. Something striking, easily recognisable; definitively ‘IP’. And that hook is their magic 30° angle.

Brand imagery.

Our client had to talk to different audiences in many markets and countries. That meant a big image bank and potentially an equally sizeable budget. But, we suggested using subtle overlays of brand colours to make stock imagery their own, without the expense of multiple international photo shoots.

Bespoke iconography.

Colour, weight, shape and that 30° angle again. Industrial Physics’ icons have all been given the rebrand makeover they deserved.

Brand guidelines.

Industrial Physics is a big operation. And like any branding job, consistency is key. Technical product manuals, promotional brochures, event collateral, digital campaigns… all of it has to be on point. We’ve given their in-house teams, detailed guidelines that cover all of it, right down to the last full stop.