The First Editions

The First Editions are an exclusive range of Single Malt Scotch Whiskies selected and bottled by Hunter Laing & Co. The packaging and branding for this range was designed and developed by Sevenfive Creative for a North American target market.

The range and the individual malts themselves will continue to change as when each single cask bottling has been sold, they will never be available again. This level of quality and exclusivity had to be reflected in the brand and the packaging, always keeping in mind flexibility for the next malt that would be chosen for The First Editions.

This flexible approach will be put to test when the second range of malts are bottled in 2014 as the entire range was snapped up by Hunter Laing’s US distributers. Testimony to a quality brand and product.

ClientHunter LaingDeliverablesBranding, Packaging, Illustration